With the example set at home, Ms. Malvika Jha's like her mother CEO, GEE Dairy & President, World Hope Foundation vision is to accomplish bigger things in the field of Information Technology.

Her IT endeavors would be accountable for protecting information, storing information, processing the information, also transmitting the information when necessary and later retrieving information when required.

Her increasing concern with data storage, management and information security will continue to be at the top of the priority list. Encouraging innovation, her sincere efforts will ensure that she facilitates the working of Information Technology.

With the strong belief system that lies in her God, her family and her mother, she wishes to build her own brand and represent Indian on the global map.

With an optimistic attitude, confidence and zeal to advance further will find her success path in whatever she intends to do.

With her achievements she will soon inspire loads of other young achievers and grow with them in the bandwagon.

Malvika Jha