Ms. Malvika Jha's determination to advance in the field of Information Technology is a direct result of her passion for the subjects, her perseverance and her self-motivation. A constant achiever in her academics, her pious nature and her clear vision allows her to built ambitious entrepreneurial goals, which follow the footsteps of her mother, Ms.Manju Jha.

She strives to achieve great things in the IT sector by her fortitude. Her long term goal is to add value to the one sector that modern day businesses are highly dependent on., However, it is her goal to pursue her goals on the basis of high standards in work ethics and social responsibility.

Research and innovation are two most vital aspects of any industry and same is the case with technology. Her study in designing, developing of application, implementation of support and management of computer-based information systems will bring about a change in the industry.

Her contribution in the segment will bring more employment and empower people and in turn create better lives.

Malvika Jha