Her live wire trait has brought her many opportunities to bring smiles to people of the underprivileged class of society. With her strong communication skills she has headed various clubs.

She loves exploring new places, meeting new people, interacting with them and understanding different cultures. She has visited few countries such as Hongkong, Macau, Thailand, Dubai and Mauritius.

Ms. Malvika Jha believes that travel in itself is a learning process to deal with different people at different points of time and at unknown places. It brings out the inner strength in you as it pushes your boundaries to try new things. You become more adaptable and easy going to situations.

She has participated in various theatre workshops. Also, she has tried her hand in Textile designing and printing. She enjoys coordinating events, participating in quiz and debate competitions. Sports are also one of the areas that she has given importance to in her school years.

Malvika Jha