Currently pursuing Engineering in Computer Science, Ms. Malvika Jha has made it her professional goal to make a significant mark in the IT world.

Pursuing her BTech in Computer Science from Bhartiya Vidya Peeth has allowed her to realize her innate passions and find lucrative ways to achieve her goals. She has been academically inclined and has passed various levels of National Cyber Olympiad – Science Olympiad and National Mathematical Olympiad, Delhi.

The attempt to give special exams in school has given her a better understanding of the subjects and an edge over others. She has also participated in the Environmental Education Program with an aim to expose herself to sustainable academic and business systems. This further elaborates her socially conscious approach towards achieving her goals.

Her interest in math and science has allowed her to create a stepping stone for her entrepreneurial future in the field of information technology.

Malvika Jha